Haven't found the perfect floor plan yet?

We can get just about any floor plan out there through one of the manufacturers listed below.  Click on the links provided and browse through all of the available plans and let us know which one you are interested in and we will get you an un-beatable price!


Palm Harbor Homes

We carry Palm Harbor Homes that are made at the Fort Worth, TX Masterpiece plant.  Palm Harbor is one of the most trusted names for high-end quality homes in the industry.  Palm Harbors have options such as granite counter tops, metal roofs, guttering, full tape and textured walls, 2X6 walls, etc. They offer a wide range of floor plans and custom options to choose from.  All of their homes come standard with a 5 year structural warranty.

Clayton - Doublewides

We carry Clayton doublewides that are manufactured in Sulphur Springs, TX.  For the buyer that is looking for a cost efficient home with great quality and appearance then Clayton Sulphur Springs has the right product for you.

Clayton - Singlewides

Clayton has a beautiful selection of singlewide homes to choose from.  The homes that we carry are manufactured in Bonham, TX.  Clayton offers homes from 14’ to 18’ in widths and up to 84’ long!  Over the years, Clayton singlewides have been one of the best selling homes on the market simply because of their quality control, building specifications and eye appeal.


Fleetwood is the most versatile company of all of our manufacturers.  They build everything from the most basic home all the way to a full tape and textured home with loaded options. Fleetwood also builds homes that are ADA Handicap accessible as well as Oilfield housing. Find a plan that you like and let us help you customize it to your needs and price point.


TruMH is about getting back to the basics and offering TRU affordable housing.  They are by far the lowest priced manufactured homes on the market today.  All TruMH homes are factory-select meaning that the factory chooses all of the color options (generally all neutral colors). By focusing on factory-select standard specifications with low margins and low overhead, they are able to build homes at extremely low prices. Currently, they offer four singlewide plans and four doublewide plans to choose from.


Sunshine Homes

Sunshine Homes is a family owned business that has been building quality homes since 1971.  They are known for their exceptional “Site-Built Home” building style.  These homes come with 2X4/2x6 exterior walls, Thermal Zone 3 insulation, Tape and Textured walls throughout, and full 2X4 interior walls.  They are manufactured in Red Bay, AL.  Sunshine is known for being one of the best built manufactured home brands in the industry.


Southern Estates

 What makes a Southern Estates home great? 

Our standards and features set us apart from the competition. From the superior construction of our homes’ exteriors and construction to the modern kitchens and spacious living areas, a Southern Estates home provides homeowners with a wealth of choices at an affordable price.

Southern Estates homes include many upgrades in their standard home.  Tape and Textured Walls, Overhead HVAC, Thermal pane Windows are only a few of the standards/options that they include.  Southern Estates is a subsidiary of Clayton and therefore falls under the same great quality and quality control as their parent company.  The all new "Patriot Home" that we have to offer at an amazing low price was designed and is built in the Southern Estates plant.  Southern Estates homes are some of the best looking homes that you will see.

If you find a floorplan that you really love that is built by a different manufacturer then Southern Estates will build it as well and not charge you a ridiculous engineering fee in doing so.  They can customize your home just about any way you want it.