we will beat any price by $1,000 minimum on any new home that we offer!!



Wholesale Mobile Homes, Inc. is a family owned and operated business serving you from two convenient locations: Kingston, Oklahoma and Ardmore, Oklahoma. We have been in the business of selling new and used mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes since 1984.  If you are looking for the lowest priced manufactured housing in Oklahoma or Texas, then you have found it!

Some of the brands of new manufactured homes that we carry include: Palm Harbor, Clayton, Fleetwood, Sunshine, Cavalier, and TRU MH.  Also, we stock the ever popular "Patriot Home" by Clayton.  We have a large selection of fully refurbished used mobile homes to choose from at both locations. If you are looking for a repo that you can fix yourself and get at a discounted price, we have that covered too!  Whether you are looking for an older mobile home, a new or used manufactured home, or even a new modular home, you are at the right place. 

All of our prices are listed on our website because we know that house for house and option for option "Nobody Beats Our Price!"  We are the lowest priced mobile home / manufactured home dealer in all of Oklahoma and Texas.  There are a lot of companies out there that claim to be “Factory Direct” but that is simply not the case. We dare you to compare our prices with any others out there and you will see that we will not be undersold!  Our new mobile home prices start at what others ask for used mobile homes.

We believe in keeping our customers satisfied. Our great prices, excellent service and southern hospitality are what make our business thrive. We do not have any high-pressure salesmen to deal with because we don’t work off of commission. By having extremely low overhead and no sales commissions to pay, we can sell quality manufactured homes for the lowest prices possible. If you are thinking about purchasing a new or used manufactured home (mobile home) then email or give us a call today and let us show you have we can save you money!  

Don’t forget to ask us about optional 7-year warranties and our competitive mobile home insurance rates through our affiliate Texoma Insurance Group, LLC!

our knowledgeable and friendly staff:

Weston Chapman, Owner/Sales
Monica Chapman, Owner/Sales
Jonah Douglas, Owner/Sales
Anita Willis,  Office Manager/Sales Susan Gentis, Admin. Assistant/Sales Charlann Forguson, Ardmore Office/Sales


*Delivery and setup is included within 100 miles of either sales center.  Locations more than 100 miles or further may incur an added charge. SERVICING OKLAHOMA AND TEXAS*


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