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Why you need a mobile home in Texas

Setting up a mobile home in Texas

We can help you find the Texas mobile home of your dreams. Are you looking for a great deal on a home in Texas? Have you considered purchasing a mobile home? If not, read on to see why mobile homes are one of the best values in Texas housing today. Mobile Homes,  or manufactured homes,…READ MORE

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Mobile Home Purchase FAQ

Champion Mobile Home Interior Texas

Are you considering buying a mobile home? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re in the right place! Mobile Homes have a come a LONG ways in the past few years, and we believe you’re really going to like what these homes have to offer. Read on for our answers to some frequently asked questions that…READ MORE

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Mobile Home Cooling Tips

Keep your mobile home cool in Texas and Oklahoma

High power bills can be a challenge for many mobile home owners. This is especially obvious in the summer, when sweltering heat can cause home energy bills to sky rocket. It’s not only a financial problem – no one likes a hot house. It’s just not comfortable. So if keeping your mobile home cool is…READ MORE

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Mobile Home Maintenance and Care

Image of mobile home maintenance and tools

Just like any traditional site-built home, mobile homes requires routine maintenance and upkeep to keep it in good condition. And good condition means it will hold it’s value. ; ) Here are some quick and easy tips that will you care for your mobile home. Ensure Your Mobile Home is Level One of the most…READ MORE

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4 Reasons to Consider a Mobile Home

Advantages of purchasing a mobile home

Are you thinking of purchasing a mobile home? There are currently 20 million American living in mobile homes today, and that number continues to increase. Manufactured Housing represents a tremendous value for new home buyers. It is a great option for home owners looking for a modern, convenient, luxurious, and affordable home. Learn more about…READ MORE

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The Benefits of Investing in a Modular Home

Inspecting Construction

The Benefits of Investing in a Modular Home Looking for a new home often means first deciding whether you prefer a traditional stick-built home built on-site or a home constructed off-site in a specialized home building facility. Savvy homebuyers all over the country are discovering an alternative to buying homes constructed using standard building processes….READ MORE

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Ways to Increase the Value of Manufactured Homes

Ways to Increase the Value of Manufactured Homes Whether you’re planning to add your home to the list of manufactured homes for sale or you just want to build some equity in your current home, there are many options available to you—and they don’t have to be total overhauls. While there are many larger projects…READ MORE