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How Much is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile Home Insurance

HOW MUCH IS MOBILE HOME INSURANCE? I am very familiar with insurance and especially with insurance that pertains to mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes.  Not only am I one of the owners of Wholesale Mobile Homes, Inc., but I am also the owner of Texoma Insurance Group, LLC in Kingston, OK.  Selling mobile…READ MORE

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Double Wide Assembly: How Do You Put a Mobile Home Together?

Double Wide Assembly

HOW DO YOU PUT A DOUBLE WIDE MOBILE HOME OR MANUFACTURED HOME TOGETHER? Double wide assembly is a very lengthy process that requires a license, experience and the correct tools in order to get the job done correctly and safely.  People ask me all of the time how we get the two pieces of a…READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Good Rentals?

Manufactured Homes Good Rentals

 ARE MANUFACTURED HOMES GOOD RENTALS? This going to be a relatively short blog.  The answer is YES, manufactured homes make good rentals!  Alright, think about this.  Site built homes are just plain expensive.  If you can find one that isn’t then it usually requires so much work and money to fix it up that it…READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Good Investments?

Manufactured Homes Good Investments

ARE MOBILE HOMES OR MANUFACTURED HOMES GOOD INVESTMENTS? Here is the simple answer for those who do not like to read lengthy explanations.  The answer is yes and no.  YES!  Manufactured Homes are built to most of the same standards as typical site-built homes and can be bought at a fraction of the price.  If…READ MORE

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Manufactured Home Longevity

Manufactured Homes Longevity

MANUFACTURED HOME LONGEVITY | HOW LONG DO MOBILE HOMES LAST? Myth:  Manufactured homes are not built as well as other forms of housing. Manufactured homes do not last as long as site-built homes. Reality:  Manufactured homes are built with virtually the same construction materials and techniques as site-built homes. The only difference is that manufactured…READ MORE

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Do Manufactured Homes Depreciate or Appreciate in Value After Their Initial Purchase?


DO MANUFACTURED HOMES DEPRECIATE OR APPRECIATE IN VALUE AFTER THEIR INITIAL PURCHASE? Myth: Manufactured homes do not appreciate in value like other forms of housing. Instead, manufactured homes depreciate in market value, similar to the way automobiles lose value each day. Reality: While there is no one easy answer, recent data seems to suggest that…READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Less Energy Efficient than Site-Built Homes?


ARE MANUFACTURED HOMES LESS ENERGY EFFICIENT THAN SITE-BUILT HOMES? Myth: Manufactured homes are less energy efficient than site-built homes. Reality: On October 24, 1994 a new minimum energy conversation standard became effective. The new energy standards are resulting in lower monthly energy bills, a factor industry officials say will enhance the affordability of manufactured housing…READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Safe in Tornadoes and Destructive Force Winds?


ARE MANUFACTURED HOMES SAFE IN TORNADOES AND DESTRUCTIVE FORCE WINDS? Myth: Manufactured homes are particularly vulnerable to the destructive force of strong winds and tornadoes. Manufactured homes seem to attract tornadoes. Reality: Hurricane Andrew struck the southern tip of Florida and the Gulf Coast regions of Louisiana in late August 1992 with devastating winds in…READ MORE

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Are Mobile Homes, Modular Homes, or Manufactured Homes More Vulnerable to Fire Than Site-Built Homes?


ARE MOBILE HOMES, MODULAR HOMES, OR MANUFACTURED HOMES MORE VULNERABLE TO FIRE THAN SITE-BUILT HOMES? Myth: There is a traditional perception that manufactured homes are more vulnerable to fire than other forms of single-family housing. Reality: The fact is that manufactured homes are no more prone to fire than homes built on site, according to…READ MORE