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Are you thinking of purchasing a mobile home? There are currently 20 million American living in mobile homes today, and that number continues to increase. Manufactured Housing represents a tremendous value for new home buyers. It is a great option for home owners looking for a modern, convenient, luxurious, and affordable home. Learn more about these incredible homes by checking out this list of the top 4 features of mobile homes.

Affordability of Mobile Homes

It’s no secret that these homes are a much better value than new site-built homes. In fact, a new mobile home costs $60-70 per square foot on average, while a new site built home costs well over $100 per square foot. That difference can make the final price tens of thousands of dollars higher on a site built home, and thus make the monthly mortgage payment of traditional site built housing out of reach for many.

But don’t worry – they’re not more affordable because they are inferior. In fact, mobile homes are built to the same code as site built homes, and are oftentimes more thoroughly inspected. Rest assured that your new home will be of the highest quality.

They are also built in controlled environments by professional builders. Builders purchase materials in high volume, which means the raw materials cost are lower in a mobile home. They are also safe from weather damage and theft because all of the construction stays in controlled environment. Because of this, a mobile home has 40-50% LESS waste than a comparable site-built home. Also, because the weather does not interfere with the construction schedule, they can be built in one-fifth the time compared to site built homes. All of these factors contribute to lower selling prices, which makes buying these homes an affordable choice.

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Energy Efficiency

Because construction takes place in a climate controlled facility, builders are able to maintain much higher quality controls. Mobile homes are also held to very rigorous federal standard of quality construction. In 1976, HUD set standards for manufactured housing which guide their construction, design, and performance. Strict standards mean that today’s manufactured homes are well constructed and energy efficient.

While under construction, mobile homes are continually inspected. After they arrive and are installed on the home site, they are required to meet the same standards as site-built construction. All the mechanical systems must meet performance standards, and all work must also pass rigorous installation inspections.

Mobile Home Amenities

Let’s face it, if something costs less, the buyer assumes they will get less. While that holds true in most industries, that is NOT the case in the mobile home industry. Because of the scalability of the construction process, these homes have many of the features of site built homes, but at a fraction of the price.

The most popular features of site-built homes are also included in a new mobile home, including bathrooms with whirlpools, walk-in closets, bay windows, and glamorous, energy efficient kitchens. On the exterior of the home, you will have many options as well. Mobile homes come equipped with various types of siding and roofs, and can also include porches, decks, and awnings.

The options are endless when it comes to purchasing a mobile home. There is no reason a these homes can’t be just as exciting, convenient, and luxurious as a new site built home.

Mobile Home Financing – You have options!

And finally, the availability of easy financing makes the purchase a great deal for many home buyers.

Because of their value and convenience, more and more lenders are offering mobile homes loans. This means that you have lots of options based on your home, credit, job history, and other factors.

Financing options include Chattel loans, FHA loans, VA loans, etc., all of which are similar to traditional site built home financing. Each loan product, and each lender, will have their own qualifications based on credit, job time, home type, and down payment.

Long story short? A mobile home is a great idea if you’re looking for a new home that doesn’t break the bank. They’re built as well, if not better, as a site built home, and they have all the energy efficiencies and finance options to go along with them.