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4 Reasons to Consider a Mobile Home

Advantages of purchasing a mobile home

Are you thinking of purchasing a mobile home? There are currently 20 million American living in mobile homes today, and that number continues to increase. Manufactured Housing represents a tremendous value for new home buyers. It is a great option for home owners looking for a modern, convenient, luxurious, and affordable home. Learn more about…READ MORE

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Mobile Home Value: How Much is Mine Worth?

Mobile Home Value

MOBILE HOME VALUE: HOW MUCH IS MINE WORTH? There are a few questions to ask yourself in order to know how to answer this question correctly.  First of all, are you selling a mobile home and land together or will you be selling just the home only?  What is the year, make, model, size and condition…READ MORE

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Is There Any Value in a Manufactured Home?

Clayton Revolution - great value in a manufactured home

IS THERE ANY VALUE IN A MANUFACTURED HOME, MOBILE HOME OR MODULAR HOME? There are a lot of people that believe that pre-fab homes/mobile homes are cheaper because of poor craftsmanship.  This, however, is simply not true.  This video will help elaborate further on the true benefits/values in owning a manufactured, mobile or modular home….READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Safe to Live In?

Manufactured Home Exterior

ARE MOBILE HOMES, MANUFACTURED HOMES, AND MODULAR HOMES SAFE TO LIVE IN? Of course they are! Many people ask the question,  “Are these homes safe to live in?”  The answer is Yes.  In fact, most of the time, they are safer than a lot of traditional site built homes. The off site construction process allows…READ MORE

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Mobile Homes are Known for Low Prices But Are They Quality Built?

Mobile Homes Prices in Oklahoma

MOBILE HOMES ARE KNOWN FOR LOW PRICES BUT ARE THEY QUALITY BUILT? Are you curious about mobile home quality? If so, Check out this great video from the Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma.  It is a short video that does an excellent job at answering this question. Mobile Homes are an incredible value for Oklahoma…READ MORE

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Formaldehyde Exposure: Do All Mobile Homes Have Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde Exposure

DO ALL MOBILE HOMES HAVE FORMALDEHYDE IN THEM? Well the short answer is yes but here is the kicker… so does all site-built homes, mobile homes/manufactured homes/modular homes, RVs/campers, and Tiny Homes.  Formaldehyde is used in a ton of day to day products such as furniture, carpeting, plywood, particle board, OSB, paneling, household cleaners, wall…READ MORE

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Comparing Mobile Homes: Tiny Homes VS Mobile Homes VS RVs. What’s the Best Deal for the Money?

Comparing Mobile Homes

TINY HOME VS MOBILE HOME VS RV… WHAT IS THE BEST DEAL FOR THE MONEY? Just turn on the TV these days and you can’t help but notice the Tiny House craze that is going on across the nation.  While there are definitely some benefits to Tiny Houses, they may not necessarily outweigh the benefits…READ MORE

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Are Manufactured Homes Good Rentals?

Manufactured Homes Good Rentals

 ARE MANUFACTURED HOMES GOOD RENTALS? This going to be a relatively short blog.  The answer is YES, manufactured homes make good rentals!  Alright, think about this.  Site built homes are just plain expensive.  If you can find one that isn’t then it usually requires so much work and money to fix it up that it…READ MORE