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Is a mobile home a good deal for you?

1. Better Value

When making any purchase, a buyer has to look at the value of the product they want to buy. What does that product offer the buyer, and does the price make sense in regard to what the product offers? In the case of a new mobile home, the product always exceeds the price. Buyers can get into a new mobile home for less the $40,000. That is a fraction of the cost of a new site built homes. It’s much less than the cost of an existing site built home as well.

When it comes to how far your dollar will go, there is no better deal than a mobile home.

2.Higher Quality Standards

Is there anything of value that you’ve purchased that ISN’T built in a factory? Your car, your TV, your boat, your RV, etc. were all built in a factory. Why? Because it makes sense. Why would you build something outside when you  can build it inside in a controlled environment?

Here are some advantages to construction a mobile home in a factory:

Clayton Homes Mobile Home Construction


3. Many Features

Modern mobile homes come with many standard features that are also in a site-built home. There are many floor-plan options at different feature levels and price points. Some are budget friendly and have minimal features to keep the price low, while others are full of luxurious features like granite, glass and tile showers, hardwood floors, among others.

You can also choose from many different exterior designs and materials, including metal, vinyl, wood, or hardboard. You can also choose from exterior design elements such as bay windows, a gable front, or a pitched roof with shingles. Awnings, enclosures around the crawl space, patio covers, decks, and steps are also available to mobile home buyers.

Many manufacturers now use computer assisted design in constructing mobile homes, which allows them to customize the home even more. Whether it’s custom trim or carpet, there are many options for the modern buyer.

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