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We can help you find the Texas mobile home of your dreams.

Are you looking for a great deal on a home in Texas?

Have you considered purchasing a mobile home? If not, read on to see why mobile homes are one of the best values in Texas housing today.

Mobile Homes,  or manufactured homes, are homes built in a factory, then finished on site by your local mobile home retailer. They differ from traditional site built homes because builders complete much of the work in a factory, as opposed to at the job site.

There are many great features in mobile homes, and today’s Texas home buyers are often pleasantly surprised to see what a great fit this type of home is for them.

Here are a few advantages to consider:


Mobile homes are generally cost less than stick built homes of a similar size.  Newly built manufactured homes are often more energy efficient, making them less expensive to heat and cool. This is especially important in the hot, humid Texas summers. A new mobile home could help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year on energy bills. What a deal!

In Texas, you can buy your mobile home new our used – and used homes offer even greater savings. If you’re looking at used homes in Texas, just make sure to purchase a home from after 1976. Homes built before this date were not subject to Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, and will likely not qualify for some of the best mobile home financing options.

Environmentally Friendly

The negative impact to the environment tends to be lower with manufactured homes. The building process is very efficient, meaning there are fewer wasted materials. With a stick built home additional building materials are often tossed into a dumpster and end up in a landfill. It is simply too costly for builders to transport the scraps to another jobsite to put whatever is salvageable to use. With a manufactured home there are many units being built in the same location making it simple to make the most of supplies and resources.

The energy efficient nature of many mobile homes also helps reduce environmental impact. Mobile homes don’t use as much water, power, or gas to to heat and cool. This is good for the environment, and great for the homeowner’s wallet.

Reliable Construction

Because of the mobile home factory construction, bad weather in Texas will rarely delay the builder and dealer. In addition, the process of building the same or similar unit over and over allow manufacturers a great deal of control over the construction. There are many home builders in Texas, many of which have awards for outstanding service and high quality standards. If you’re looking for a new mobile home, Texas is a great place to find one.

The reliability goes back to where builders construct the homes: in a factory. In the controlled environment, there are no surprises. Builders know all the variables, which means that they can create a superior, more reliable home, AND a better value. 


Though it’s not as simple as just driving the home away, home owners do have the option of moving their home after the purchase. This provides the owner with greater options when it comes time to sell the property. Home owners can sell the land and home together, or they can sell the home by itself. Or they can sell the property, and then move their home to a new location.

Does all this sound appealing? Ready to find your new mobile home? Click here to see all of our great deals on new homes in Texas.